The ETCC / FLOW Third Annual Open Forum/Matchup

Technology Trends: Emerging Technologies (ET) Summit 2014 Accelerating Innovation in Energy Efficiency,

  • Lighting: Connecting Every Node: Networked adaptive lighting control systems and their role in energy management
  • HVAC: New packaged HVAC system sensors, logic & communications
  • Data Analytics: Connecting Every Node: Networked adaptive lighting control systems and their role in energy management
  • Zero Net Energy: Impact of Distributed Generation & Storage on ZNE

Broad ETCC areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Demand response
  • Smart and micro grid
  • Energy storage
  • Clean transportation
  • Data analysis/energy management software

Specific Topics:

  • Small scale wind generation for commercial and residential applications
  • Solar innovations boosting the efficiency of solar cells, and panel design, installation and maintenance
  • Automated Demand Response (ADR) systems for balancing demand with generation in micro grids e.g. open source software applications for residences
  • Novel lighting systems e.g. Daylighting and low voltage DC systems
  • Smart Grid: innovations for networked load monitoring and control system (NLMC)
  • Digital sensors and WiFi control of HVAC systems
  • Micro grid: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems
  • Next generation fuel cells with novel chemistries
  • Connected plug loads through the IoT (Internet of Things) to balance energy efficiency, demand response, consumer needs and costs
  • Lighter, more energy dense batteries for both transportation and micro grid applications
  • Novel lithium battery architectures for specifically providing back up power in buildings and wind farms
  • Energy efficiency & management software: for networked load monitoring and control systems
  • Innovations in networked load monitoring and control for adaptive lighting and heating/cooling systems
  • Security control software as applied to commercial/residential micro grids
  • Personal software applications that can influence energy and mobilize conservation behavior
  • Big Data analytics software
  • Applying gamification to novel software tools for influencing consumer behavior towards energy conservation
  • Wireless adaptive controls, in automation software technology
  • Carbon sequestration technologies, particularly linked to biofuel generation
  • Gas driven appliances e.g. generators, refrigerator condensation units
  • Novel materials for condensers, heat exchange units that can withstand high temperatures and temperature variations
  • Novel materials that are stronger, lighter and reduce cost of infrastructure installation
  • Low solar thermal technology for space heater, water heating, space cooling
  • Integrated controls for HVAC, Lighting
  • Small network devices and HVAC equipment, linked to micro grid through smart metering and mobile control apps
  • Water/Energy nexus including embedded energy use in water distribution, water distribution management, water purification and generation
  • Thermal energy storage innovations such as Chilled Water Storage and Ice Storage Air Conditioning

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